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A Babywearing Fitness Class.

We welcome all Moms and Dads!

A safe and fun way to burn those calories, strengthening your body while building a memorable bonding experience with your baby!

Parents can expect strengthening of pelvic floor (postpartum healing), abdomen, legs and back; as well as opening and relieving tension in the shoulders, necks and arms. 

Parents are encouraged to bring your carrier and a toy so you can workout in some of the exercises handsfree! Variations are offered in class for different levels. 

Our Baby wearing exercise class is also a great way for new parents to connect with other parents and find meaningful connection through the shared experience of parenthood.

This class is ideal for babies 6 weeks to 12 months (or any crawling age).

For child-oriented classes, please refer to our Move with Me programme under Children Programme Section.

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 A gentle introduction to Ballet (8 Week Course)


This 8-week course is suitable for those who are new to dance and wish to learn some basics of ballet. You will be introduced to the principles of classical ballet such as body alignment, weight placement, turnout, the use of arms and basic coordination.


Designed to introduce ballet to beginners, this course will equip you with fundamentals allowing you to gain better body awareness, sensitivity, strength and poise through progressive barre and centre work. 

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Suitable for beginners, or dancers with little/ some ballet or contemporary dance background and wish to refine their foundation and develop better body awareness and sensitivity. While working on core strengthening and flexibility, principles of alignment, weight placement, use of spine, active turnouts, coordination and feet articulation will also be covered in this class. By honing these, you will be able to build better control over your body, so that you can enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

This class aims to build a good ballet foundation towards progressive development of your ballet vocabulary.

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The class is designed for adults who have at least 2 years of ballet experience. Classes consist of Barre, Centre work, and Allegro work. This class aims to provide a regular ballet open class for you to constantly work on your ballet technique, allowing you to develop better control, strength and flexibility.

Get ready to be challenged with new ballet sequences every week.



Suitable for those who are new to dance and wish to learn some basics of contemporary dance!

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It encourages dancers to be versatile in their expression; to portray a wide array of movement styles and emotions. One can expect to gain heightened sensory awareness, better coordination and develop a more active body for a healthier body and mind, as well as attain a little foundation in dance. 

In our Lyrical Contemporary Dance, principles of breath in movements, release, control, core engagement, spirals, lines, transfer of weight, etc. are taught in  fun-filled manner through modern lyrical songs.

No experience required.



Drawing elements from Ballet, Yoga and Pilates, Barre Power Burn is an intense full-body workout. Each class works to build core strength, flexibility, alignment and muscular endurance. Barre Power Burn also aims to improve cardiovascular endurance and metabolism. Come burn calories while lengthening and strengthening those muscles!



Drawing elements from Ballet, Yoga and Pilates, Barre Burn Movement is an intense full-body flow workout. Each class works to build core strength, flexibility, alignment and muscular endurance. Barre Burn Movement aims to help you build a kinaesthetic sense of balance and enhance coordination! Come take on the challenge and burn some mega calories through focused-intensity!



A ballet-inspired conditioning workout that is done on the floor! Floor barre is a fantastic way of working core, hip, and foot control whilst not bearing weight down though your feet- relieving stress on joints! Often more challenging than normal barre, floor barre techniques require a deeper level of body alignment awareness and mindful movements. We will work on mobility exercises and stretching, including myofascial release through massage balls. Expect a rejuvenating session!



Restorative Barre draws from different movements and somatic practices. Coupled with low impact, slower paced sequences and mindful breathing practices to address stiffness, range of motion, anxiety, general muscle aches and tightness. This class incorporates gentle burn and flow as necessary to help de-stress and regulate our flow of energy while balancing the body, mind and soul. Open to all levels.

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Examinations for Classical Ballet are not just for children! RAD has a new Adult syllabus called Discovering Repertoire. Students will be engaged in an in-depth study of ballet techniques, music and performance skills. Syllabus work will be performed in front of an international examiner.

Adults: Classes



12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

Barre Burn 

with Melissa Lim

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Barre Power Burn

with Sharmane Tan 


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Beginner Ballet 

with Andine Elaina


9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Lyrical Contemporary Dance Beginner

with Joseph Chua


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Beginner Ballet

with Andine Elaina


11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Babywearing Barre Fitness

with Melissa Lim



Single Trial Pass

1 Month Validity


Single Adhoc Class

1 Month Validity


4 Class Pack

Bronze Membership
6 Weeks Validity


6 Class Pack

Silver Membership
10 Weeks Validity


10 Class Pack

Gold Membership
14 Weeks Validity


20 Class Pack

Platinum Membership
22 Weeks Validity


30 Class Pack

Diamond Membership
25 Weeks Validity

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