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Babies On Board!


A Babywearing Fitness Class.


We welcome all Moms and Dads!

A safe and fun way to burn those calories, strengthening your body while building a memorable bonding experience with your baby!

Parents can expect strengthening of pelvic floor (postpartum healing), abdomen, legs and back; as well as opening and relieving tension in the shoulders, necks and arms. 

Parents are encouraged to bring your carrier and a toy so you can workout in some of the exercises handsfree! Variations are offered in class for different levels. 

Our Baby wearing exercise class is also a great way for new parents to connect with other parents and find meaningful connection through the shared experience of parenthood.

This class is ideal for babies 6 weeks to 12 months (or any crawling age).

For child-oriented classes, please refer to our Move with Me programme under Children Programme Section.

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