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Dancin' Through the Seasons

A wonderful Dance Recital brought to you by The Movement Studio, KM Dance, Dancedge and KT Creative. 

Alliance Francaise Theatre

Saturday, 12 November 2022, 5.45pm-7.00pm

Sunday, 13 November 2022, 3.30pm - 5.00pm


Welcome to The Movement Studio!

In 2019, in the search of hope and community, our family was formed and fortified through the united passion for  dance and movement.

Our hope is for you to feel a sense of belonging, to feel safe as you learn, and to move with confidence in who you are.

We celebrate and embrace differences, providing mainstream and a range of tailored programs to help challenge each individual. Regardless of your abilities, motivations, and goals,  there is a place here for you.

We look forward to having you join our family!

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"A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life”


My daughter Naomi displayed a love of dancing from young and this is fully nurtured by the dedicated teachers of The Movement Studio. With their encouragement, rigour and dedication, she passed her exams, had opportunities to perform and gain stage confidence, and won dance competitions last year. I am grateful for her to bloom under The Movement Studio and would recommend young ladies to be developed holistically by the teachers.

When I was younger I took ballet lessons for about a year but had to quit because I had too many interests. It’s always been something I wished I had carried on doing and I’m so glad I stumbled upon barre classes with The Movement Studio! I feel stretched and pleasantly challenged after every session, and I love that I can express myself freely through the wide variety of movements tailored for each class. You know it’s a good session when you’re aching the next morning, but it hurts so good.

Christina (Parent)

Eunice (Adult Client)

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