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Parents, Why You and Your Child Should Start Moving!

Move with Me Programme

The sedentary lifestyle is in vogue these days due to several modern gadgets that keep us glued to our chairs and beds. Gone are the days when children used to run around the house, getting in all kinds of trouble and having fun. Nowadays, children as young as five years old or still younger, are mostly seen clinging to some device watching some sort of entertainment instead of actively entertaining themselves.

Here is why you and your kids need to start moving!

Brain Development:

Physical activity has a positive influence on the motor and cognitive development of children. Keep your child busy in physical activities like dancing and swimming which increases academic achievement, language learning, working memory, and attention (1).


Due to the current sedentary lifestyle, children are expected to lead a less healthy life as compared to their parents (2). You should ensure that your children are taking part in activities that move their bodies and strengthen their joints.

Bones and Joints:

Your body is made in such a way that it can achieve things you can’t take lightly. The body that is habitual of pushing its limits in early age builds a strong foundation, a formidable posture, balance, agility and flexibility. Moving the right way imparts a particular grace to your child which builds up their confidence and self-esteem.

Better Routine:

Nowadays, an unhealthy sleep routine has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. Children are not unaffected by this trend. Inculcating a multidimensional physical activity in your child’s day helps in setting up a better sleep routine and constitutes positive sleep quality.


The one physical activity that combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise with body flexibility, joint strength, motility and grace of movements is dancing. It’s multidimensional. What are you waiting for? Join The Movement Today! We provide a range of dance programmes and dance based workout programs for you and your kids!


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